AnchorHouse Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit with an app called AnchorHouse TV (AHTV).
Our vision is to anchor you to the Word and ways of God through multimedia, creative content, and healthy community. 

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Anchor your soul    |    Deepen your faith    |    dive into destiny.

Our passion at AHTV is to anchor you to the Word and ways of God. When you get anchored into a vibrant relationship with God, you experience peace for your soul, power for your life, and purpose for your journey...and that's why we're here!

We are based in Nashville, TN and founded by Songwriter/Author/Speaker Rachel Barrentine. We are excited to lock arms with other creative ministry partners to impact the world and build God's Kingdom together.

Stories are already flowing in about how God is changing lives through this app. We know of two miraculous healings so far...and this is just the beginning!

Welcome to the AnchorHouse family. 
We're stoked you're here!
AnchorHouse Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit ministry. Our app, ministry & resources are funded through generous people like you.  All donations are tax-deductable. We are reaching people across the globe with the encouragement and hope of Jesus. We invite you to partner with us with a 1-time or ongoing gift!


  • Exclusive Teachings
  • Crafted Prayers
  • Healing Prayer and IG LIves
  • Original Music
  • Scripture Meditations
  • Poems
  • Bite-Sized Learning
  • Humor
  • Testimonies
  • Save, Download, Print, & Share Content
  • Growth Questions/Prompts
  • Fresh Content Every Friday
  • Community Features - Coming Soon!

New Releases

We launch fresh content every Friday. Click on the New Release tab in our app to see what's new. 


The app contains original music, live  + studio recordings. And there's more coming!


Our app is video-intensive to help you experience God in a fresh way. 

Scripture Meditations

Our Scripture Meditations and "WordWash" help you engage & hear Scriptures based on a particular topic.

Take Notes

Yes, you can take notes and save them right on our app. We think this feature is pretty awesome.


These are notes and faith pearls that you can read, engage, and print out for your personal spiritual growth.


AnchorHouse Ministries, Inc. is a 501c3 Non-profit ministry. All of our content is free and open. We are fueled & funded by generous people like you.
Let's partner with God and build the Kingdom together!